"Intellectually Attracted" is a fanzine focused on celebrating sapphic relationships in the Ace Attorney games.This is a non-profit, digital-only zine accepting both artists and writers over the age of 18. This zine will primarily be SFW, with an additional NSFW add-on. Each contributor will have the opportunity to pitch for a sapphic AA pairing they would like to create for, with Mods ensuring we have a diversity of characters and ships featured. All contributors will receive a free digital copy along with all digital goods.The zine will cost $15 for the base SFW zine and all merch, with an additional $5 cost for NSFW. All money raised will be donated to a to-be-determined charity. The number of contributors we will be accepting will depend on submissions, but we are aiming for around 13 writers and 24 artists, not including guests and mods.Check out our Info Doc here!


Interest CheckOctober 15 - November 15
Application PeriodDecember 1 - January 14
Contributor ResultsJanuary 22
Last Day to Accept PositionJanuary 29
Creation Period BeginsJanuary 22
Pitch Submissions DueJanuary 31
First Check-InFebruary 18
Second Check-InMarch 11
Third Check-InApril 1
Final Pieces DueApril 15
Pre-orders OpenApril 26
Pre-orders Close/Zine ReleaseJune 26


Head Mod, Organization, Writing Contributor
Elliot is in grad school to get a degree in Information Management, (what this means is they’re basically going to become a radical librarian). They haven’t modded any zines previously, but have significant experience with running independent large scale projects because of their schooling. They are a major FranMaya enjoyer, and it is the primary ship they write for! Elliot is excited to collaborate with the other mods on this passion project!
Graphics/Layout Mod, Writing Contributor
Madi is a self-described layabout Australian who loves writing overly dense prose and melodramatic slice-of-life fics, and is also a self-taught graphic designer & gamedev. She’s more obsessed than is healthy with Franmaya’s dynamic, and you can count on her shoehorning the ‘only one bed’ trope into every project. You’re welcome in advance ☆⌒(≧▽° )
fae/faer & she/her
Social Media Mod, Writing Contributor
Krissey is that One Person You Know who has been writing for far too long but is too dumb to quit. Fae got into Ace Attorney last year and hasn’t recovered since. She’s excited to be part of an incredible team that’s bringing to the forefront sapphics! Sapphics everywhere! If you see Pearlthena in this zine, it was not faer (it was her).
they/them & star/stars
Art & Accounting Mod, Writing Contributor
Téa is a recent college graduate who has modded over ten zines, including the Silver Lining Zine, which raised $2,000 for charity. They are also a zine contributor—having contributed cover art, page illustrations, merch, and fics. Other zine experiences can be seen listed on their carrd. They’re a multishipper with most of their fics still in their brain, and a whole lot of that brain space is taken over by Trupearl and Susahao.
she/her & they/them
Writing Mod, Writing Contributor
Jazz is a hobbyist writer that's been diagnosed with a critical case of lawyer brainrot. Found family is their lifeblood and they're thrilled to collaborate with other creators and give some spotlight to the brilliant female characters of AA. Currently obsessed with Lanamia, Franmaya, and Lana/Aura. 💖
Apprentice Mod, Artist Contributor
Lotadz is a hobby artist and she’s currently studying cyber security. She’s very excited to see fans come together for AA sapphic ships because they absolutely deserve more love 💓JuniThena and FranMaya are her current faves :)


What is meant by sapphic?‘Sapphic’ means ‘relating to love between women.’ In the context of this zine, this means we’re centered around the relationships between female-identifying characters from the Ace Attorney series, so long as that relationship is not incestuous or pedophilic. While they might be the most popular and we love Franziska x Maya as a ship ourselves, this is not a FranMaya focused zine and we want to feature a wide variety of sapphic ships! Ships do not need to be specifically sexual or romantic in nature (queer-platonic partnerships between aspec characters are also welcome). With the recent release of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles we also welcome sapphic pairings from those games, too, such as Haori x Gina, Haori x Susato, Gina x Susato.
Are nonbinary characterizations of female characters okay?Sure! We’d love to see that!
What about nonbinary interpretations or genderbends of Narumitsu, Klapollo, Asoryuu, etc?Not for this zine, no! This zine is intended to elevate female identifying characters and ships from the series, as they tend not to get the same representation that MLM ships do. For this reason we will not be allowing any cis genderbends in the zine.
Can we include MLM ships in the background?This is subject to mod approval, as we want to be very sure we’re keeping the focus on WLW couples.
Are sapphic polyamorous relationships okay?Yes! By all means!
What about AUs?This is subject to mod approval upon pitch submission, as some AUs may not fit with the nature of this zine.
Why is the zine digital only?There are a few factors that went into our decision to offer a digital only zine. For many of the mods, this is their first zine, and digital zines tend to throw less complications into the mix. The other factor has to do with the global shipping crisis and material goods shortages due to COVID-19 and other crises. We were not comfortable guaranteeing a physical ship by date because of those factors, and so we felt digital was the best option. There’s also a bunch of digital-only goodies we can offer instead of physical rewards, so it’s not so much of a loss, really!
Will this zine include spoilers?We want to allow for the widest range possible of ships, including the TGAA characters, so this zine could include spoilers from every major AA game, including AAI2 (particularly because Kay features heavily in that game).
Will this zine cost money?Yes, we are looking to charge a flat fee for the SFW zine, and then an additional fee for the NSFW content. The cost will be $15 for the SFW zine and all merch, and an additional $5 for the NSFW add-on. All money raised will go to a to-be-determined charity.
Is the zine open to contributors who are not sapphic themselves?Yes, of course! This zine welcomes all kinds of contributors with the end goal of celebrating sapphic love.
Can I apply for multiple roles?Yes, you may apply for multiple roles, but you will only be chosen for one.
Is there an age limit?As this zine will allow NSFW content the age of the contributors must be 18+, even if they’re only contributing to the SFW portion.
Help! My question wasn’t answered here!Feel free to message us on CuriousCat or Tumblr with any other questions you may have!



Credit NameMod RoleSocials
Elliot SonderHead Mod/NSFW WritingTwitter, Tumblr, AO3
KrisseyCrystalSocMed Mod/SFW WritingTwitter, Tumblr, AO3
ApprenticeofdoyleWriting Mod/NSFW WritingTumblr, AO3
Madi WanderGraphic Mod/SFW WritingTwitter, Tumblr, AO3
transtrucyOrganization & Finances Mod/SFW WritingInstagram, Tumblr, Twitter
LotadzIntern ModTumblr

Cover Artist

Credit NameSocials
starjuiceboxTwitter, Tumblr, Instagram

Safe For Work Artists

Credit NamePage NumberSocials
Mini7Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram
Screentunes8Twitter, Tumblr,
Sapgoon13Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram
Meep17Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram
Lu23Twitter, Instagram
Espy31Twitter, Tumblr,
Pinceau Arc-en-Ciel38Tumblr,
Luchi39Twitter, Instagram
Etourval47Twitter, Tumblr,
Emily S.48Twitter, Tumblr,
Zoe Jay56Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram
Miles57Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram
Queenychu65Twitter, Tumblr,
Rosie66Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram
Jan74Twitter, Instagram
Kaite75Twitter, Tumblr,
Mooncakemeg76Tumblr, Instagram
Lizard84Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram
Kkas-art93Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram
aaieu94Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram
ur.local.granny101Twitter, Instagram
Sofykoh102Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram
Schpog110Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram
Pineflower Art119Twitter, Instagram
Chiara126Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube
Mothmxnnart127Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram

Safe For Work Writers

Credit NamePage NumberSocials
Roma9Twitter, AO3
Sparrow19Tumblr, AO3
Kai Delmare25Twitter, Twitter, Tumblr
KrisseyCrystal32Twitter, Tumblr, AO3
Joanie49Twitter, AO3
Meryton58Twitter, Tumblr, AO3
Poodlepunk67Twitter, Tumblr, AO3
Wavey77Twitter, Tumblr, AO3
Kittiv86Twitter, Tumblr, AO3
Madi Wander95Twitter, Tumblr, AO3
experimentaldragonfire103Twitter, Tumblr, AO3
transtrucy112Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter
likethetide120Twitter, Tumblr

Not Safe For Work Artists

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7clubs129Twitter, Tumblr
starjuicebox134Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram
Birdie137Twitter, Tumblr
Cherry Spiice144Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram
Kei145Twitter, Instagram
Macaronitrash152Twitter, Instagram
Doc Hollibee168Twitter, Tumblr
sabinaemeri175Twitter, Instagram
Ser Atlantisite176Twitter, Tumblr

Not Safe For Work Writers

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Vyn130Twitter, Tumblr, AO3
Griffonage138Twitter, Tumblr, AO3
Hechima146Tumblr, AO3
Commander Freddy153Twitter, Tumblr, AO3
apprenticeofdoyle161Tumblr, AO3
Elliot Sonder169Twitter, Tumblr, AO3

Merch Artists

Credit NameMerch TypeSocials
radicalhoodieFranMaya WallpaperTumblr, Tumblr
oykdon93Heart Icons and Sticker SetTwitter
lou!Telephone Matching Icon SetTwitter, Tumblr